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Newborn Client Preparation Instructions


Please read & follow these instructions very carefully!

We will provide everything needed for your session. You don't need to bring clothing, blankets or props unless you have something meaningful you'd like included in some photos.


If you can keep your newborn up a minimum of
1-2 hours before coming that would help to make them sleepier for the
session. (For each week old the baby is you need at least 1 hour of
awake time) This is not always easy to do but will greatly benefit both
of us. Undressing him/her, interacting with them, cool cloths to the head
or body, crinkle paper noises etc.. All help keep them awake.
The sleepier he/she is the more shots we will likely get for you.  Put them in the car seat and head this way.  When you arrive at the studio: Don't take baby out of the car 

seat. Please leave them sleeping and enter the studio this way. Once we we are ready for them,
we will have you take them out & feed them.

If it is at all possible, please provide a few small bottles of formula or breast
milk if you are nursing. This one time with a bottle will not disrupt
the feeding schedule and will help us so much while working with your baby. If we
get baby in a pose and he/she gets fussy, often a sip of formula or mom's
milk is all it takes to settle them back down. This saves time, and makes
for a happier baby! All this equals better images!

A few other tips....

*Avoid caffeine, and gassy (broccoli, cabbage, chocolate, Mexican food,
spicy food, etc., if nursing, for at least a day before the session.

*Bring Mylicon drops if your baby has a gassy tummy.

*Bring several small bottles for feeding during the session (preferable!)

*Bring a pacifier for us to use for soothing.

*Make sure baby is in a button up or zip front onesie (If we have to pull over
head, that might disturb baby)

*Leave baby in car seat when you get here and come into studio.

*Bring extra diapers.



We are looking forward to seeing you and your baby!

Carol McKinney Photography 


5715 Mary Dell (rear) 

Park in back driveway and come in north side door, just off driveway. 


** Please Note: Only 2 people are allowed in the studio with baby.  If siblings (ages 6 & under) will be in a few photos with baby, please make arrangements for them to leave after their part of the session as they may become restless during the rest of the session. 

Please Note: We ask that you not wear shoes in the studio.  We spend a lot of time on the floor, along with our tiny clients, and like it to stay as clean as possible.  You are welcome to wear socks or take a pair of our shoe covers that are provided in our studio.  Thank you for your cooperation. 

Please let us know if we can answer any questions for you! Thank you!