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The Experience


The Consultation

Once you have signed the contract and paid your session fee,  we will visit on the phone and will discuss all the details of your session. We will then set a date for your viewing/ordering session, or you may choose to have your beautiful gallery loaded online.  At that time, you will also have the opportunity to see some of our gorgeous products and talk about what you might like to have.

*We have a "mother's helper" available to entertain your children while we visit!   This service must be requested in advance on the online contract.


The Session

We are going to have a great time at your session! We will tell you everything you need to do, so just relax and let us guide you through an awesome, enjoyable experience.


View & Order

It's time to see your beautiful portraits in a special slideshow or gallery created just for you! This is the day you will order your artwork & pay for your order.  We ask that everyone who is making the decisions on images and artwork come to this meeting.  After that, we will help you decide how you'd like to display your precious memories. We have many great options for you to choose from! 

*We highly recommend adults only for your viewing/ordering appointment, but if that's not possible, we have a "mother's helper" available to entertain your children in the studio while you are viewing and ordering your artwork!   This service must be requested in advance.



Your lovely artwork will be hand delivered to your home as soon as it is ready, usually about 7-14 days after your ordering session. And now it is time to enjoy your heirloom pieces!